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reportedly near or on a bus carrying u.s. soldiers at the frankfurt airport. amy kellogg is following this breaking story live from london. amy. >> reporter: yes, we're trying to piece together the information. we're getting it at this point various press agencies on the ground, pretty much now the frankfurt police and the u.s. military, who are investigating this. two people dead, we understand, one, a u.s. soldier, when allegedly a 21-year-old shooter from kosovo opened fire on a bus, carrying u.s. soldiers, at the frankfurt airport. now, this just happened, so, again, we're just piecing together this information. we believe it's one soldier killed, and the driver of the bus, and then two people taken to the hospital. you know the airport base, the medical center, which is part of the u.s. military s. based very close to frankfurt and that is the biggest u.s. military hospital outside the united states. it's where soldiers coming from iraq and afghanistan are treated. again, we don't have information about the actual soldiers on that bus, where they were going, to or from, but we kn
patrolling off libya's coast, this as the u.s. gets ready to hand over control of the no fly zone to the alliance. whatever that alliance is. we don't know at this time. in the meantime pro car davi forces ratchet up attacks in an eastern city of that country, stopping rebel groups there, but the international air strikes continue and now we have reports that those attacks forced pro qaddafi forces to withdraw tanks from another rebel-held city in the west. a whole lot goes on there today, jon. jon: the libyan leader remains as defiant as ever, appearing from his compound in tripoli and vowing to win the historic battle. now there's word, though, that mommar qaddafi may be planning his exit strategy. secretary of state hillary clinton, weighing in on that on abc's "world news with diane sawyer". >> this is what we hear from so many sources, diane, it is a constanto. >> today? >> today, yesterday, the day before. some of it, i'll be very, you know -- it's my personal opinion -- some of it is theater. a lot of it is just the way he bee haves. it's somewhat unpredictable. but some of
. scuba diving. bill: not new jersey. martha: they are getting out of the u.s., not new jersey. we'll be right back tomorrow, same time same place, see you then. jon: right now breaking developments and brand-new stories this hour. the attack on libya. a ferocious era salt to enforce the no-fly zone and qaddafi's compound among the targets. smoke rises from two damaged reactors. radiation detected in the count three's food and water supply. the 9/11 trials at guantanamo bay, what the lawyers that are set to try the cases are selling faction. how they believe the obama administration may be working to keep these cases out of gitmo. all new, all live "happening now." and good morning to you i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we're so glad you are with us. we are here in the fox newsroom. happening right now we have a fox news alert out of libya. the u.s. navy releasing grand new video of the punishing nighttime assaults on qaddafi forces. they are using b.-2 stealth bombers, jet fighters and tom hawk missiles. jon: qaddhafi's forces come under fire across the count three. the secur
at that plant are considering asking the u.s. military and japanese military to use hel helicopters to spray water into the reactors. that seems a dangerous measure but as you can see this crisis is escalating jon. greg: what is being done as far as the relief efforts? >> reporter: well, there's a massive relief effort going on come nateed by the nuclear issue. we know there are a hundred thousand japanese troops involved and the u.s. military are also heavily involved in it. the carrier the reagan is off-shore with a fleet of three ships and there's many more coming particularly from okinawa the marine base. they are gearing up to help at this time. it's very difficult. the other problem we are facing now is temperatures are dropping heavily at night and that is really hindering any attempt to save these people, basically four days after the earthquake and tsunami, jon. greg: with no power or heat in a lot of peep that's got to be a terrible tribulation for the people trying to survive. david piper reporting live. jenna: david mentioned some of our response. the u.s. military moving warship
'll get our first indication of the strength of the event on the u.s. mainland, over the next 15 minutes and that is when forecasts show the waves will reach san francisco. whether or not they'll be damaging, or even noticeable, has yet to be seen. >> japan's east coast, hit with a 23-foot tsunami, shortly after the quake struck. police along the country's northeast coast, report finding the bodies of two to three hundred people, japan railways working to find a missing passenger train. while the government reports the giant wave swept away a ship, carrying about 100 people. >> unfortunately we expect to get more reports like those, 8.9 magnitude quake is japan's worst on record as we say, one of the worst in world history. and rocked cities hundreds of miles from epicenter an spawned dozens and dozens, as we hear it of aftershocks. >> look at one of japan's three nuke we're power plants, that are having some problems right now, the worst in the city of onahana where police ordered evacuations where a fire disabled a cooling system there. no reports of radiation leaking, secretary of sta
at a major u.s. airport, the very same one where an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job. the close call this time around. >> and she said mexican pirates killed her husband while they were jet skiing on a border lake between texas and mexico. now six months later his body hasn't been found, no one has been arrested. the latest on the investigation, plus what she is vowing to do. it's all new, it's all live, it's "happening now". >>> hi everybody. we have a whole lot of ground to cough today. we're so glad you're with us. i'm jenna lee. jon: we do indeed. i'm jon scott. "happening now", nato takes charge of air operations in libya as the fighting intensifies in one strategic oil town. those are antiqaddafi rebels, giving it all they've got, trying to retake control of brega as they come under rocket fire from pro qaddafi forces, the opposition getting hit hard in other parts of the cup as well. jenna: the u.s. considering a plan to arm the rebels, even though nato's chief is opposed to the idea. right now the cia has operatives on the ground in libya. jon: meantime a sign that qadda
is recinding his offer to step down by year's end. this as opposition to his regime testifies. they are a key u.s. ally in the fight against al-qaida warns his country is a ticking time bomb that could spiral into civil war without him. a deadly bullet blast killed more than a hundred people. today security forces reportedly fired teargas on some 4,000 demonstrators. in a bid to ease the crisis syrian's president is expected to lift the nearly 50-year state of emergency and move to lift restrictions on civil liberties. the country's emergency laws that gave police almost unlimited power to arrest without arpblgs will be lifted prior to the elections in september. this comes as the interim military rulers says hosni mubarak is under house arrest in egypt. this half he went for medical treatment. gregg: it has been ten days since the military mission began, and the president expected to tell the nation the mission is justified. white house correspondent mike emanuel live in washington with more on that. what else do we know about the case that president obama is going to make tonight? >> reporter:
.com click on the you decide link today. we're asking if the u.s. should arm libya's rebels. there are some questions about that. click on your answer and you can see how other people are voting. so far more than a thouf you have weighed in. you can check it out at foxnews.com. so many tkpwres, about who the opposition is. gregg: the president didn't talk about arming the rebels but a lot of people are saying he really should have done that. we want your thoughts on that. in the meantime there is a new wave of protests in yemen this morning. take a look at this demonstrators calling for the immediate ouster of ali abdullah saleh and demanding political reforms. now ali abdullah saleh has promised to september down at the end of his term, dozens of protesters have been killed in yemen since antigovernment violent tkepl straeugtss broke out last month. and now syria where president's has resigned, they just quit. human rights groups claiming that dozen of antigovernment protesters were killed by the syrian troops. hundreds of house of progovernment demonstrators are flooding the streets of da
in the u.s. >>> a killer whale that drowned its trainer, one year ago, today, he is back in the show at sea world. some are asking if it's too soon, or even safe at all. it's all new, all live. it's "happening now". jon: good morning to you! i'm jon scott. jenna: hi everybody, i'm jenna lee. nice to have you back, jon. >>> "happening now", major setbacks in the rebels in libya, proqaddafi forces forcing them to retreat from a key oil town. it's a big story, jon. jon: it's a rapid reversal coming days after the opposition made gains west and trying to take over qaddafi's home town. nato war planes flying over the zones with the heaviest fighting, witnesses reporting hearing explosions indicating a new round of air strikes. jenna: all the chaos is affecting the oil industry. that is the industry in libya. we have word today that only one refinery is still functioning. there are now fears of a fuel shortage in libya. how that fight affect the fight. and also what that means for the rest of the world so dependent on oil now. rick leventhal is traveling to benghazi now, he's going to call us in
decades. >> a massive fire at a u.s. major airport, flames raging for hours, the fallout, plus the investigation into what sparked it. >>> and donald trump with his eye on the presidential prize. does he stand a chance? for real? it's all new, all live, it's french fighter jets take action shooting the libyan war plane out of the sky. jenna: as a new round of strikes hits target necessary tripoli, jet bombers and tom hawkmisms from the coalition target qaddafi air defense. jon: rebel forces making real progress now that qaddafi's tanks have pulled back from key strategic cities, the opposition taking more steps to form a government in the east. rick leventhal is streaming live from benghazi. what can you tell us about qaddafi possibly negotiating an exit plan, rick? >> reporter: well, we heard that libra's more than fr called the u.s. assistant secretary of state over the state -- over the weekend to possibly discuss what qaddafi's exit strategy might be. it's pairnl very preliminary, these calls are made all the time is what we're hearing but there may have been a call made fr
to balance, it is literally, figuratively impossible. jenna: the gop making it clear the u.s. cannot keep wracking up debt and some saying something, if anything, needs to be stkpwhraoupb unfortunately we know republicans control one of one levers of law making, the democrats have the senate, the democrats have the white house, nobody wants to shut down the government, but one thing is nonnegotiable, as our speaker said, we will not that -- will not pass bills that to not create savings for the american people. skpwr*epb jen carl kan iron is live on this story. it seems this different on time it's different. do lawmakers sound more skeptical than before the last time of this temporary fix? >> this time you've gotand republicans alike expressing scep ti similar, this time around they are very, very apart. there have been five extensions that lawmakers have given themselves up to come up with a spending gap this year and the gaps to the two proposals is huge. the republicans have passed a measure in the house that would cut $61 billion from current spending, that is a house-passed legislati
of anxiety that we are seeing here in the u.s. we have sao folks that are concerned about radiation crossing the pacific and a few companies that make potassium iodide bills are reporting spikes in demands as americans look to add that to their medicine cabinet, just in case. >> i think people think i'm a nut bag worrying about this. there are winds aloft. i don't know i'm not a scientist. jenna: president obama is urging people not to worry about radiation coming from japan coming our way. that is a sentiment given by many health experts. we will have a doctor here answering some of your questions. jon: real concerns about that not always justified. violence is flaring in the middle east as governments crackdown on civil unrest. bahraini soldiers driving people that camp. at least three protester and policemen were killed in the fighting. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with the nation's transitional leaders before touring ta ha require square. secretary clinton is in egypt to encourage the people and their transitional leaders to follow through with democratic reforms. libyan
everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we are here in the newsroom, "happening now", a u.s. fighter jet crashes, amazingly the two crew members are safe, they suffered only minor injuries, our military saying the pair ejected from the f15e strike eagle just outside of the rebel stronghold in benghazi, both crew members now said to be in american hands, the u.s. military stresses the plane was not shot down. investigators are now looking at a mechanical failure as the likely cause of that crash. jenna: you were at video that we he we think is of that crash, this as pro qaddafi forces step up rebel attack necessary that area. we have explosion necessary an eastern city forcing rebel fighters to scatter and regroup, but a very different story in the libyan capitol of tripoli. take a look: >> jon: colation forces, handing momentum back to the rebels, but the rebels run into trouble in the west, this out of misurata. >> jenna: as the fighting heats up there, dozens dead, reports of children among those killed, and there are now reports that qaddafi's tanks and snipers are patrolling the
at this point. they are concerned here about the impact on the u.s. economic recovery. they are concerned on the impact on many american families, many of whom have had a difficult couple of years. as for tapping the spr as they call it here, here is spokesman jay carney. >> it's an option on the table. remember all the options that we consider and the global system consider is aimed at dealing with a major disruption. it is not a price-based conversation. >> reporter: save it for an absolute crisis. if there is a major disruption in the the flow of oil, not so much for a surprise spike at this point. jenna: we talk about disruption in oil flow when it comes to the middle east on a completely different topic we are talking a lot about qaddafi the leader of libya. what more will the u.s. try to do to push qaddafi out? >> reporter: you know i reached out to a very senior u.s. military official late last night about that issue and they say they are preparing the full range of military options for the commander-in-chief. we've heard defense secretary gates speak frankly about being against th
minister resigns. jenna: also new developments in yemen, a key u.s. ally and central battleground against al-qaida, antigovernment demonstrators pouring into a square in the city's capitol calling for an end to the regime and they may just get it. the president there announcing today he will step down on certain conditions. reenaninan is live in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: you know, what we are seeing now just in the past few hours for the very first time the leaders of syria and yemen have decided to send out their own progovernment protestors to match the antigovernment protesters in the street, that's something that hasn't happened yet in the back and forth. in yemen the president announced that he's willing to hand over the reigns of power there but it has to be to someone he approves of. he claims he doesn't want to see his country descend into civil war and he announced that to his supporters today. he has been ruling yemen for more than 30 years, but still thousands of antigovernment protesters continue to take to the streets to defy the government and call for him to resign
meltdown. the fallout from that could reach across the pacific affectth west coast of the u.s. more powerful after shocks rocked japan today. a thousand bodies wash ashore on the devastated northeast coast of the country. raising the death toll officially now lis listed as tad 9.0 and the tsunami that hit just half wards. the details get worse by the day. >> reporter: absolutely. it's completely unbelievable. every day i go out it gets worse than the day before. i went down by the airport which was hit by the tsunami on friday afternoon. the military here are walking through the fields picking up body parts from the culverts and amongst the rice paddies. it's appalling. jon: just the rebuilding, even the cleaning up has to be so badly affected by the fact that there is so little power, so little fuel, so little working machinery. >> reporter: absolutely. the military are doing wall they can. a lot of the emergency services are coming in from other parts of the country. but it really is a drop in the ocean. the area that has been affected by this i this is colossal. you can drive for
this in an honest open way and what is really happening here in the u.s. and he says that includes the council on islamic relations, cair. >> my concern about cair is not limited about disturbing origins and connections to terrorist financing. i'm concerned about cair's role in attack being the reputations of any who dare to raise concerns about domestic radicalization. >> reporter: wolf says the attacks are not going to stop him from having a discussion. he says we must have, jenna. martha: certainly a lot more to this story. one we'll watch throughout the day today, shannon, thank you very much. [gunfire] jon: fox news alert, brand-new reports and compelling new video out of libya. moammar gadhafi's forces say they have driven the opposition out of the strategic oil port of ras lanuf. this as the opposition scores a diplomatic victory. france becoming the first country to recognize their interim council. the rebels say they captured hamid karzai. tkafz forces say they now have it back. here is alex crawford. [gunfire] [yelling] [gunfire] jon: sky news reporter alex crawford is actually insid
with this fox news alert, st. louis police are confirming now that a suspect who is believed to have shot u.s. marshals is dead. meantime, the two deputy u.s. marshals and one task force officer who were shot and wounded are recovering at a hospital nearby, we're told at least one of the marshals is in critical condition, the other in fair condition. you've been watching this throughout the morning on "america's newsroom". the marshals and the other task force officer went to a house in the st. louis area, to try to apprehend this suspect. a gun fight broke out. the two marshals and the other officer were hit. but the suspect, again, is reported to be deceased. we will keep you updated on "happening now". jenna: another fox news alert, new numbers out on the decifit. last month we what's the biggest monthly decifit in our history, a record $223 billion in february, that's according to the nonpartisan cbo. it's the 29th consecutive month that the government is operating in the red. if you add up all the debt, by the way, when you add all of that, we had to spend $21 billion of our money just t
for the weeks to come. sandra thank you very much. jon: there is breaking news on the fate of four u.s. times journal lises who had been reported missing in libya. they were captured by forces loyal to moammar gadhafi and they will be released today. they last had been in contact with their editors on tuesday in a northern port city, that's where they were covering the repeat of rebel forces. jenna: fox news has teams on the ground in tripoli, also benge aras you saw rick leventhal there. we are also reporting from the white house, the pentagon. we are reporting this story from every angle. for the latest log onto we foxnews.com and check it out. jon: breaking news, japan's nuclear agency is raising the severity of its nuclear accident putting it on par with the 1979 three-mile island accident in this country in pennsylvania. this as crews wage a frantic effort to try to cool down the radioactive fuel rods. they are spraying water on the damaged reactors from military fire trucks. workers also are racing to restore power at the crippled reactors. electricity will hopefully restart the pumps n
at the end of this year. he's ruled yemen for more than 30 years, some called him a key u.s. ally in the fight against al-qaida. the opposition calling for an investigation into the death of protesters in recent weeks. over to bahrain now. opposition groups say they are now ready to talk with the government without any pre-conditions. the u.s.-backed monarchy making concessions too ordering troops off the streets now. with no formal sit downs scheduled it raeupbls on today. over to egypt in another political shakeup there. the prime minister appointed by ousted president hosni mubarak is resigning. that meets a key demand of the opposition movement. the military choosing the former transport minter as the new prime minister and he's charged with forming a care-taker cabinet to run the government through the transition to civilian rule. of course lots of action today in libya, with reports of government warplanes launch air strikes on the oil-rich down of brega. this after moammar gadhafi's loyalists suffered a set back failing to take the key port back from rebel forces that are t
, the u.n. ambassador to the -- the u.s. ambassador to the up says he sounds delusional. >> no, i am not leaving. they love me, all my people love me, they love me, all. >> if they do love you -- >> they would die to protect me, my people. >> if you say they do love you, then why are they capturing benghazi and say they're against you there? >> disguided, my people -- misguided. my people. misguided, yes. jon: joining us now, the former deputy assistant secretary of state, scott carpenter. does gadhafi have a chance of surviving in power, scott? >> i don't think he does. i think whether it's days or weeks, the rule of mommar gadhafi is coming to an end. the factions are gaining ground every day, momentum has shifted against him in the international community, he has no access to any of his assets. i think that the moment is coming where he's going to have to depart or hopefully someone finishes the job for us in tripoli. jon: the problem i guess is what comes after. you hear him ranting about al-qaeda. is there any possibility that some kind of an al-qaeda-led government or at least
historical note back in 1988 in the u.s. senate not the state senate but the u.s. senate senator bob pack wood was arrested and literally carried feet first into the senate chamber by three plainclothes police officers. that to answer a quorum call during a very heated debate at the time. senator orin hatch said it made the senate look like a banana republican. jon: on our chat, just fire them, any other job you get fired if you don't show up. doug mcelway, thank you very much. jenna: fresh news on the economy that some are saying is a glimmer of light for the jobs market. the labor department reporting the nation's unemployment rate is down to 8.9% last month, the lowest level in nearly two years but still quite a bit higher than where we were before the crisis. the economy created 192,000 jobs last month, giving hope to some of those who are looking for work. but ping slips not going away just yet. state and local governments cut 30,000 jobs. a few moments ago i spoke with austin goolesby, he is the president's top economic advisers. i asked him what he thought was the biggest threat to
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